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Fantasy Book Reviews & Community
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  • 04/24/11--05:14: Feed by Mira Grant
  • It’s somewhat appropriate to write a blog post about Mira Grant’s Feed, seeing as its concerned not only with zombies, but blogging too. Here one comes and all – an attempt to review a truly wonderful book. Feed concerns the journeys of a group of professional bloggers who join the news team of a Republican […]

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    Hello Fantasy Fans! Been a good month for fantasy, what with Game of Thrones and some really cool releases hitting shelves. It looks like though (based on the voting) that people wanted something a bit different in the Fantasy Book Club this month. For the last few months we have had action-y/sword-y type fantasies all […]

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  • 06/12/11--02:55: DEADLINE by Mira Grant
  • But when the springtime turns to dust (A thousand shades of blood and rust) And everything is ash and stone (Contagion writ in blood and bone) Then what exists to have and hold? (What story, then, has not been told?) Let this be my sacred vow (Oh Mother Mary, hear me now): I will not […]

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  • 07/12/11--01:00: FEED by Mira Grant
  • I have been waffling on reviewing FEED. This mostly has to do with the fact that, within the Fantasy-Faction Forum, I have been very vocal about my love of this book. I literally cannot say enough good things about this novel, or its author. I should let the track record speak for itself: In the […]

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    This entire escapade was breaking several rules of life in the mortal world, chief among them the injunction to never, ever go out in public without wearing a human disguise. I was still wearing my illusions. Dianda and the Goblins, on the other hand, were totally exposed. There wasn’t time to worry about it. Hopefully, […]

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    I had the recent fortune to sit down with Seanan McGuire, one of urban fantasies finest wordsmiths, at Borderlands Cafe here in San Francisco, to discuss life as a new writer in the Digital Age and what she has planned for the future. Seanan McGuire is the author of the October Daye series (Rosemary & […]

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    When we talk about science fiction we divide it up. It’s too big for a single shelf, we have to break it into subgenres and swallow it in pieces. There’s hard sci-fi, which typically deals with complicated scientific concepts. I usually call this technical sci-fi, since it’s often predicated on the idea that the science […]

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    Spoiler Warning: This review contains some spoilers for the Parasitology series. Please read with caution if you have yet to finish the books. “Our story opens where countless stories have ended in the last twenty-six years: with an idiot – in this case, my brother Shaun – deciding it would be a good idea to […]